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Environmental Services

Transportation projects vary in type, size, complexity, and potential to affect the environment. A necessary component of many projects is evaluating those potential impacts and determining the best course of action when proceeding with a project. 

I-15 Tropicana-1_edited.jpg

I-15 Tropicana Interchange Environmental Assessment

Clark County, Nevada

The I-15 Tropicana interchange is a critical Las Vegas, Nevada, access point. As part of the I-15 Tropicana Interchange Project, CA Group updated the Planning and Environmental Linkages checklist that was prepared during the Feasibility Study phase and prepared the Environmental Assessment as required by NEPA. Section 404 and 408 permit applications for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) were prepared, although it was later determined that the Section 404 permit was no longer required. These various environmental processes supported the effort to resolve traffic capacity challenges at the I-15 Tropicana Interchange.  

Henderson Interchange Environmental Assessment

Henderson, Nevada

Improvements to the Henderson Interchange are needed to accommodate increased traffic demands along I-11, I-515, and I-215. The project limits are from Galleria Drive and Horizon Drive on I-515 and I-11, and Van Wagenen Street and Valle Verde Drive on Lake Mead Parkway and I-215. The EA was based on the findings of the Planning and Environmental Linkages checklist previously developed during the Feasibility Study phase. The EA supported a proactive and inclusive process to identify a recommended build alternative that addresses the purpose and need of the project while supporting stakeholder priorities and an environmentally-aware design. 

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I-80 East NEPA

Northern Nevada, Nevada

Building on the I-80 Corridor Study, which provided decision-makers with various transportation alternatives to address short- and long-term needs along the I-80 Corridor, CA Group is initiating the NEPA process on I-80 from Vista Boulevard to USA Parkway. CA Group assessed the I-80 Corridor and surrounding areas for multimodal, transit, and operation and safety improvements while considering the environmental, socioeconomic, community, and monetary impacts of implementing a range of needed projects. 

I-15 Central Corridor EIS

Las Vegas, Nevada

The I-15 Central Corridor project includes analyzing and obtaining NEPA clearance for improvements to I-15 and the service interchanges and arterials within the study corridor between NDOT’s Project NEON (Sahara Avenue) and the I-15 South Design-Build Project (I-15/I-215/CC-215). This is the last section of I-15 to be upgraded adjacent to the resort corridor (Las Vegas Strip). I-15 is southern Nevada’s primary tourism and commerce corridor and is essential to the regional economy. The proposed project is an outgrowth of the I-15 Flamingo to Sahara Feasibility Study. The study area limits of the project are from north of Sahara Avenue (Oakey/Martin Luther King Boulevards) to the I-15/I-215/CC-215 system interchange, a distance of approximately 6.3 miles.

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Carson 5th Street Noise Study_edited.jpg

Carson City 5th Street Noise Study

Carson City, Nevada

The Carson City 5th Street Pavement Project includes improvements at the 5th Street and Fairview Drive roundabout and the surrounding area. CA Group prepared a Traffic Noise and Construction Impact Study to evaluate potential impacts. 

Grand Teton Overpass Project

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Grand Teton Drive Overpass will begin on the east side of US 95 on Grand Teton Drive just east of El Captain Way and terminate on the west side of US 95 at the intersection of Grand Teton Drive and Tee Pee Lane. CA Group was responsible for the technical studies to support NEPA clearance, including a Traffic Noise Assessment and  Socioeconomic and Land Use Report. These various technical studies analyze potential impacts on the areas surrounding the project corridor and support thoughtful design decisions. 

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