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Highway Design

I-515 and Charleston Interchange CMAR

CA Group completed a feasibility study and Environmental Assessment for improvements to the I-515 Charleston interchange and Charleston between I-515 and Lamb Boulevard. The project is now progressing as CMAR project, allowing early involvement of a contractor in the review process to identify possible construction enhancements. Along with NDOT, design coordination included the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, RTC/FAST and utility companies to provide feedback and incorporate them into the design. Lessons Learned: CA Group’s involvement from the Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment allowed the early identification of possible right-of-way takes that the project needs and incorporate the effected property’s concern in the project's proposed improvements.

I-515 Charleston Final Design.JPG

I-15 South Design-Build Design

CA Group, Inc. is a part of the Design Build team constructing improvements to I-15 from Tropicana Avenue to Silverado Ranch Blvd. The project includes widening the freeway, the addition of collector distributor roads; direct connect ramp from Blue Diamond Road to I-15, five redesigned interchanges, 26 new bridge structures, 35 retaining walls, and 1.5 miles of sound walls. Project scope includes provide temporary ITS relocations during construction design of the permanent system including DMS boards, CCTV, ramp meters and Internet Protocol upgrades from Tropicana Avenue to the Spaghetti Bowl Interchange. Additional items included finalizing the FHWA Control of Access study for the project, filing FAA 7460-1 approvals for light poles, UPRR approvals, US Army Corp of Engineer’s approvals and FHWA design exception report. The 6 mile long project has a design and construction value of $245 million. It is scheduled to be completed by 2012.


Cost: $245 Million (Estimated Design and Construction Value)


CA Group is responsible for the following project elements:

  • Chad Anson served as Deputy Design Manager for the entire design effort.

  • CA Group staff prepared the design of Segment 4, the Northbound CD Road System from Silverado Ranch to the I-215 interchange, including the direct connect ramp at Blue Diamond Highway.

  • Fidel Calixto served as Traffic Manager for the overall project.

NDOT Project Neon

CA Group is assisting another firm with the 30% design for full reconstruction improvements to the I-15 Corridor between Sahara Avenue and the I-515/US95 (Spaghetti Bowl) interchange [NDOT Project Neon]. Improvements include providing a direct connector from US 95 to I-15, collector-distributor ramps, connection of Martin Luther King to Industrial, HOV/Managed lane drop ramps at Oakey/Wyoming, new interchange at Charleston Boulevard and new ramp connection to Alta Drive. This $1.5 billion project will include 5 major phases of construction and reconstruction of numerous City of Las Vegas arterial streets. The project includes providing support documentation for the Environmental Impact Study; performing a value analysis and risk assessment on the project; and providing the FHWA with a Major Project Management and Financial Plan per their Major Project Guidelines.

CA Group is providing Roadway Task management and design assistance on both Phase 1 and overall project design. Direct responsibilities for CA Group staff has included horizontal and vertical roadway design; cost estimation; interdisciplinary coordination and leading overall design delivery of the roadway elements. Additional CA Group tasks have included assisting in the development of the FHWA Project Management Plan; Project Financial Plan; Risk Assessment; Constructability Review; and identifying preliminary right-of-way impacts

I-15 North Design Build - Lake Mead to Craig Road, Las Vegas, NV

CA Group was a part of the Design Build team constructing improvements to I-15 from the I-515/US95 "Spaghetti Bowl" interchange to Craig Road. The I-15 North Design Build is NDOT's first experience with this innovative project delivery method. The I-15 freeway will be widened to 10, 8 and 6 lanes respectively as it heads north. All interchanges will be upgraded including bridge 

Boulder City Bypass Phase 2 - US 95 to Hoover Dam Bypass, Boulder City, NV

CA Group assisted another firm in providing design services for twelve miles of new roadway alignment around Boulder City. The bypass will connect US 95 to the Hoover Dam Bypass providing an alternative route for traffic going from Las Vegas to Arizona. This $400 million construction project will also require right-of-way acquisition from the Lake Mead National Recreation Area (National Park Service) for approximate 1.6 miles of the alignment. Design services also required addressing safety improvements along the existing US 93 corridor within Boulder City.

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