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NDOT Project Neon

CA Group is assisting another firm with the 30% design for full reconstruction improvements to the I-15 Corridor between Sahara Avenue and the I-515/US95 (Spaghetti Bowl) interchange [NDOT Project Neon]. Improvements include providing a direct connector from US 95 to I-15, collector-distributor ramps, connection of Martin Luther King to Industrial, HOV/Managed lane drop ramps at Oakey/Wyoming, new interchange at Charleston Boulevard and new ramp connection to Alta Drive. This $1.5 billion project will include 5 major phases of construction and reconstruction of numerous City of Las Vegas arterial streets. The project includes providing support documentation for the Environmental Impact Study; performing a value analysis and risk assessment on the project; and providing the FHWA with a Major Project Management and Financial Plan per their Major Project Guidelines.

CA Group is providing Roadway Task management and design assistance on both Phase 1 and overall project design. Direct responsibilities for CA Group staff has included horizontal and vertical roadway design; cost estimation; interdisciplinary coordination and leading overall design delivery of the roadway elements. Additional CA Group tasks have included assisting in the development of the FHWA Project Management Plan; Project Financial Plan; Risk Assessment; Constructability Review; and identifying preliminary right-of-way impacts

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