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Highway Corridor Studies and Environmental Documents

Southern Nevada HOV Study update

CA Group is assisting NDOT in updating the Southern Nevada HOV Study, looking at various point locations along the existing HOV lanes where ingress/egress is desired, and where double white line violations are occurring. CA Group’s team will provide recommendations to the Department related to HOV access.

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I-15 Tropicana Interchange Design-Build Project


CA Group is providing Program Management for I-15 Tropicana Interchange Design-Build (DB), for which we previously prepared a Feasibility Study, Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL), Environmental Assessment, Traffic Report, Guide Sign Concept Plan, and an extensive public outreach and stakeholder engagement program. We recently completed RFQ and RFP procurement documents for the DB project including agreements such as the Project Labor Agreement (PLA). During the DB phase, CA Group will assist NDOT with Project Management, DB Plan Review, adherence to the Technical Provisions, and Construction Support.


I-15 Flamingo to Sahara Feasibility Study

CA Group conducted environmental screening of transportation alternatives for the I-15 corridor between Flamingo Road and Sahara Ave, and prepared a feasibility study summarizing possible project alternatives. The project evaluated improvement alternatives that would be compatible with previously approved and completed projects to the north (Project NEON) and to the south (I-15 South Design-Build and I-15 Tropicana). The goal of the study was to identify a recommended project for future NEPA evaluation, following Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guidelines. Two sets of alternatives were recommended, and can be viewed on NDOT’s website,  The NEPA process will be undertaken by NDOT as a future continuation of this project.

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MLK Industrial Road Alternative Study

CA Group provided planning services to the City of Las Vegas to identify potential improvements to the City of Las Vegas redevelopment area. The project required improving north south throughput parallel to NDOT’s MLK-Industrial Road Connector, improving Resort Corridor Access to Downtown and improving connectivity between Downtown and Symphony Park.

CA Group’s scope of work for the project included preliminary alternative design, traffic operations analysis, cost estimation, benefit/cost analysis and development of recommended solutions.

Apex To Mesquite & Moapa Valley Alternative Study

CA Group is the prime consultant providing corridor study services on I-15 from Apex Interchange to the Arizona state line; US 93 from I-15 to SR-168, SR 168 from US 93 to I-15 and SR169 from I-15 to the Lake Meade National Recreation Area. The objective of the project is to develop both short term and long term strategies to relieve congestion along the various corridors.

The project embraces the linking planning and NEPA project approach. The project includes multiple travel modes including transit, bicycle lanes and an analysis of potential park and ride requirements

Potential improvements include freeway widening, establishment of freight corridors, new interchanges and existing interchange modifications, truck climbing lanes and other safety improvements. The project scope includes a detailed traffic analysis of large scale developments at Coyote Springs and southern Lincoln County adjacent to Mesquite.

One of the unique elements of the study is the use of events based planning (triggers) to determine the need for the various project improvements. Because of the long range nature of the study and the uncertainty for growth in the area the study team determined that it would be more appropriate to base the need for improvement on events rater then horizon years.

Main Commerce One-Way Couplet Study

CA Group provided planning services to the City of Las Vegas examining the potential to convert Main and Commerce Streets into a one-way couplet system between Las Vegas Blvd and Bonneville Avenue. The conversion of the two existing roadways to a one-way couplet would improve traffic flow in and out of downtown. It also allows for improvements and redevelopment along the two roadway corridors. By eliminating the required space for the road sections, sidewalks areas can be widened, aesthetic features could be added along the corridor and pedestrian and bicycle accessibility can be improved.

CA Group’s scope of work for the project included preliminary design, cost estimation, preparation of 3D CAD simulations and renderings for stakeholder outreach, public and stakeholder meetings and final report preparation.

I-15 Resort Corridor Study, Las Vegas, NV

CA Group assisted another firm with the development of the I-15 Corridor Study between I-15/I-215 (Southern Beltway) and I-15/Sahara Avenue. The objective of the project was to develop a long term strategy to relieve congestion and improve mobility within the Resort Corridor. The project team also examined potential early action solutions for the corridor.

The I-15 Corridor within the Resort Corridor is arguably the most important stretch of freeway in the entire State of Nevada. Capacity improvements to the corridor include evaluation of freeway improvements, frontage road improvements, and development of a one way couplet system and managed lane access connections.

Pyramid Highway US 395 Connection EIS, Washoe County, NV

CA Group, Inc. assisted another firm in conducting an alternatives analysis and environmental studies in support of preparing an EIS for the Pyramid Freeway and the U.S. 395 Connection in Washoe County, Nevada. The existing infrastructure is at full capacity with the current configuration of the Pyramid Freeway being a two-lane and four-lane rural highway.

The Pyramid Highway serves as the main transportation facility for residents and tourists traveling to Spanish Springs and Pyramid Lake. When completed, the Pyramid Freeway and U.S. 395 Connection will provide improved access between the growing population centers in northeast Sparks and downtown Reno. The project is being led by the Washoe County Regional Transportation Commission in cooperation with NDOT and the FHWA.

Toluca-Puebla Highway, Mexico City, Mexico

CA Group assisted another firm with the preliminary route identification for a new four lane highway around the southern limits of Mexico City, Mexico. The project utilized the proprietary route optimization system QUANTM to identify numerous alternatives through mountainous terrain while respecting environmentally sensitive areas such as national parks, volcanoes, military installations and residential properties including those with squatter’s rights.

Alternatives ranged from 75-120 kilometers in length including numerous bridges, retaining walls and tunnels. The QUANTM system assigned costs to the various project elements, including earthwork, pavement, bridge structures, tunnels, retaining walls and drainage facilities to help develop cost estimates for each alternative. Final route identification will be turned over to a design/build team for final design and construction.

Ivanpah Valley Airport Vehicle and Transit Access Project, Clark County, NV

CA Group assisted the Clark County Department of Aviation with preliminary alternatives analysis and preferred alternative design to provide access in support of the NEPA process for the proposed Ivanpah Airport located 25 miles south of Las Vegas. The project required analyzing various alternatives to provide access to the new airport along I-15.

As part of this work, CA Group performed an alternative analysis, provided overall project coordination and local government liaison for the project. The facility will be southern Nevada's second international air gateway, supplementing landlocked McCarran International Airport.

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