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Apex To Mesquite & Moapa Valley Alternative Study

CA Group is the prime consultant providing corridor study services on I-15 from Apex Interchange to the Arizona state line; US 93 from I-15 to SR-168, SR 168 from US 93 to I-15 and SR169 from I-15 to the Lake Meade National Recreation Area. The objective of the project is to develop both short term and long term strategies to relieve congestion along the various corridors.

The project embraces the linking planning and NEPA project approach. The project includes multiple travel modes including transit, bicycle lanes and an analysis of potential park and ride requirements

Potential improvements include freeway widening, establishment of freight corridors, new interchanges and existing interchange modifications, truck climbing lanes and other safety improvements. The project scope includes a detailed traffic analysis of large scale developments at Coyote Springs and southern Lincoln County adjacent to Mesquite.

One of the unique elements of the study is the use of events based planning (triggers) to determine the need for the various project improvements. Because of the long range nature of the study and the uncertainty for growth in the area the study team determined that it would be more appropriate to base the need for improvement on events rater then horizon years.

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